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Video interview: BioWare on making Mass Effect 3 more realistic

"We want to be able to accent eye movement," says producer

Mass Effect 3's associate producer Michael Gamble sat down to talk with CVG at GamesCom to discuss the series finale, which will see the return of an RPG emphasise.


One way of delivering this is giving more weight to the relationships in Mass Effect 3 through subtle non-verbal character traits and communication, he said.

"We want to be able to accent eye movement a little bit more. Subtle movements in the face give away a lot," said Gamble.

"That's key to story-telling. Obviously most people know, when you're communicating with someone, the non-verbal cues are just as important if not more important than the verbal cues. We want to bring those to life more.

"We think that we've actually pushed that a little bit further with Mass Effect 3," he continued. "There's obviously a whole plethora of things we could do given enough time with movies and CG animation. We just want to keep moving down that path."

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