Vita hailed 'easiest PlayStation platform ever to develop for'

WipEout dev says it's less work than PSP, PS3...

PlayStation Vita is the easiest ever Sony platform to developer for, reckons the man behind Sony Liverpool's WipEout 2048.


Speaking in the latest issue of Edge - which is with subscribers now - game director Stuart Tilley claimed his team has been able to get the handheld racer up and running "a lot quicker" than on platforms its worked on previously, which includes PS3 and PSP.

"I think of all the PlayStations I've worked on, which is actually all of them, it's the easiest one to work with," he told the mag.

"The guys have given us a really good set of tools, allowing us to get up and running a lot quicker than we have previously, which is really good.

"We had a smaller team at the back end of last year that got working straight away on the game stuff rather than too much of the underlying tech, which allows us to really start getting the game in your hands as soon as possible."

The news will likely be welcomed by developers that infamously struggled to get to grips with PlayStation 3's more challenging architecture at launch.

Another hurdle removed for developers is the cost of Vita dev kits, which come in at a fraction of the price of the PSP's.

For the full interview buy Edge online and have it delivered to your door and see the latest WipEout 2048 trailer and screenshots for more Vita goodness.