'Kinect is a bit f***ed, isn't it?'

Mailbox: Well, is it?

On last week's mailbox Chris Wyer e-mailed in to say maybe we should stop pointing out how everything is a cliché, especially since the amount of content being released makes it difficult to have a completely original thought.


This week Thom Wallis e-mails Xbox World to talk about the bleak looking future of Microsoft's Kinect.

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Let's get this straight: I'm not slagging off Kinect in general. I make a point of not writing off bits of equipment I've just spent the housekeeping money on! But when it comes to non-party-game titles, our lovely motion-controller doohickey is a bit f***ed, isn't it?

I'd been waiting for the news from this year's E3 mainly to see what we could expect for Kinect, but it looks like the pattern is set - it's either family fun, sports (the best bit so far), and these on-rails adventures which basically amount to full-body Quicktime Events.

I bloody hate QTEs! So what it comes down to really is the skin they put on these 'wait for signal, then do your move' games... in which case, thank the gods for Ryse! At last I get to live out my Spartacus fantasies in the lounge!

XBW says: Ah, you used the magic 'S' word which grants Star Letter status (joking), given that the whole XBW team is Spartacus mad. But when you say 'Spartacus fantasies', we're presuming you mean battling, not, you know, having your missus watch you and Lucy Lawless in the nip.

CVG says: It can't be denied, the amount of forgettable party games is undeniable. Even the better of the bunch - like Fruit Ninja Kinect - aren't actually that exciting. But there's still some hope: Child of Eden is pretty good and Gunstringer looks promising.

There's also games like Mass Effect 3, which have Kinect support as an optional extra but use them in interesting new ways. Don't give up yet!