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GAME denies attempting to delay Steam releases

Report claims firm struck deals with publishers to guarantee exclusive launch windows for PC games

GAME has flatly denied accusations it's attempting to blackmail publishers into delaying the launch of PC titles on Steam in the UK.


Yesterday a poster on the Facepunch forum suggested the retailer was threatening not to stock certain PC titles if it wasn't granted a month-long exclusive launch window.

"Some time around the start of this year GAME started talking to multiple publishers regarding their games being on Steam... They basically want (at least) one month from release date where the game cannot be purchased by those in the UK on Steam," they claimed.

"And this applies to all games released by that publisher. This doesn't include the time the game is up for pre-order either. If the publisher doesn't agree... then they'll supposedly refuse to stock and sell that publishers games via their stores."

The post suggested numerous THQ and Bethesda titles have been impacted, including upcoming games Saints Row: The Third and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and older releases like Brink and Red Faction: Armageddon.

In a statement given to Edge, GAME said: "We can categorically state that these rumours do not relate to Game Group or any of its employees. We have had no such conversations with any publisher and have been in contact with various publishers who can confirm this for you as well."

Back in June, Russian giant 1C told CVG that a recent "command" from a major outlet/s was sent to publishers, warning that any PC title containing Steamworks "would not be stocked".

[ SOURCE: Edge ]