CVG's Heroes and Villains of the Week

Our champs and chumps of the past seven days...

The British summer has gotten a little rainy in the past week.

The obvious downside to that is that we haven't been able to top up our gamer tans. Okay, okay, our sunburn.

But on the upside, it's left plenty more downtime to have a gander at the gaming headlines. And, as ever, some have filled us with a warm glow - whilst others have got our furious trigger fingers a'itching...



Who? John Carmack
Why? For giving us Kinect hope

It's one thing when Microsoft of Rare tell us that Kinect has more to give. But when the man whose mere idle mutterings equate to tech genius tells us it's got legs, we're listening. John Carmack said this week that the motion-sensing peripheral "can get 10 times better in the coming years". We're a little bit in love with it again.


Who? Robert Bowling
Why? Playing the grown-up

After EA and Activision's "mudslinging" counter-views, it's been nice to finally see someone in the MW3 vs. Battlefield 3 build-up drop that rare piece of ammunition... a compliment.

Infinity Ward community chief Robert Bowling happily told anyone who'd listen that he'd played Battlefield 3 for an hour and "loved it" - a nice little reminder that behind the sqillion-selling beast of CoD are at least a few real gamers with plenty of passion left...


Who? Steve Jobs
Why? Bowing out with grace

Whatever you think of Apple, it's hard not to admire the ambitions, brains and bravery of one Steve Jobs. No clinging onto the limelight. A simple resignation, made with grace. Classy guy. And he co-created Breakout. 'spect.



Who? Gamestop
Why? Being a big scaredy-cat

We've seen OnLive running recently and have been pretty blown away by what we've witnessed. We know, we know... from a consumer side, there are concerns over broadband, subscription costs, the megalomaniacal murder of consoles... But it works, and you at least deserve to check it out for yourselves.

Not that US retailer GameStop would let you - having removed free OnLive codes from copies of Deus Ex. Just in case you play it and NEVER GO ON THE HIGH STREET AGAIN.

Perhaps go out of your way to give it a try now. You know, consumer rights and all...


Who? EA
Why? Not letting us go broom-broom

Turn 10 creative boss Dan Greenawalt is a dude. And he's a dude with a cracking beard. (More on his general dude-ishness and cracking beard through here.)

So when he tells us he's gutted that EA hasn't allowed Microsoft to have Porsches in Forza 4, we believe him. See these pitchforks? We're pointing them EA-wards. Spoil sports.


Who? Microsoft
Why? We wanted Lightsabers at Christmas. Who doesn't want Lightsabers at Christmas?

Kinect Star Wars might not have been our most anticipated game this Q4. It looked silly, yes, and perhaps not the most responsive piece of software this side of Carnival Games.

But it was Star Wars. The themed Xbox hardware trinkets looked majestic. And it had Lightsabers.

Now, on Christmas day, we'll have no Lightsabers. See these tears, Microsoft? It's like A Christmas Carol. But Tiny Tim's rich enough to own an Xbox 360 S 250GB.