5 reasons why smartphones will never replace consoles

Super smart phones or just console phoneys?

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Mr. Capps has mentioned the possibility of these new superphones connecting to your TV wirelessly. We don't know whether he means as a controller or as a hub that streams games to the big screen, but it sounds to us like things could get complicated once that phone starts ringing. That's without mentioning the amount of power it would take up... which we'll mention now.


We've certainly seen some pretty awe inspiring advancements in smartphone technology these past few years, but let's get realistic. While not impossible, the kind of technological leaps expressed by Capps are unlikely to happen in such a short space of time.


Products such as the iPhone will undoubtedly be up to speed with current generation consoles some time in the very near future, but gaming technology is hardly something that stands still for very long. You can bet that by the time the iPhone 8 comes to town, our dedicated games machines (whatever form they take) will be packing some serious venom.

There's always the chance that one will slow down and the other will speed up and it could very well be the smartphone that sees its next technological leap first. But, when you think about the size difference between a mobile and a meaty home console, the goal to cram the kind of power that's in a chunky console box into a slender phone is optimistic. Still, vision breeds success.

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