Golden Joysticks heading towards strongest year ever

Get involved. You might even win a prize...

It's Bank Holiday and you've probably got at least a few hours to sink into the Internet vortex. Why not spend all of about five of those minutes voting in this year's GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards?


You'll be joining the 180,000+ gamers who have already voted since it opened for business on August 1 - an early sign that this year's awards is heading towards it's biggest year ever.

As if you didn't know already, the GJAs is a chance to voice your opinions on what were the best games of the last year. In a first for 2011 the games were nominated by a panel of games editors using genre-led categories. This has allowed for more games in the shortlist phase and the inclusion of some surprise nominations.

Some of us on CVG have got our oar in already, but that's just our opinions - now it's time for you to help decide which of the shortlisted games should win.

It's been made it even easier (and hopefully 'fun') to take part this year, with a dedicated voting site and the ability to vote only in categories you actually care about. However, if you do decide to vote in all, you'll be entered into a prize draw to win the Ultimate Gaming Prize including gaming laptops, PlayStation Vita and a huge stack of nominated games.

If you're new here and want a quick introduction to the awards, including the Award ceremony where winners will be announced on October 21st, check out the video below.

Also, if you're a games writer and want to attend the Golden Joystick Awards as part of the media, head over to the Golden Joystick Awards Facebook Page and let us know.