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Team Ninja 'thinking about' Ninja Gaiden Vita

Head ninja Yosuke Hayashi keen on 'expanding the series' to the portable

Ninja Gaiden on PlayStation Vita is an awesome prospect and a very real one it seems, after a recent statement from Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi.


Replying to fan questions in a recent Q&A, Hayashi said the team will look at doing a Vita Ninja Gaiden game once it's wrapped up work on Ninja Gaiden 3 on consoles.

"We've received a PlayStation Vita system and are thinking about it," said Hayashi, encouragingly (thanks Joystiq).

"Having said that, right now we're focused on Ninja Gaiden 3 for PS3, and after that's complete we'll start to look at ideas such as bringing out Ninja Gaiden on PS Vita because of course we'd like to expand the series," he added. The full Q&A is through the source link.

It was recently confirmed that Ninja Gaiden 3 will be fully compatible with Sony's Move motion controller.

[ SOURCE: PlayStation ]