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Mass Effect 3's winning femshep in wallpaper

You designed her; now stick her in your background

BioWare has shared this lovely high-res wallpaper of the female Shepard that fans of the series helped design.


If you can recall, BioWare held a series of poles to determine the best default look for the female Shepard. First you chose her look and hair style, then hair colour and this red head is the result.

Drawn by BioWare's new concept artist Patryk Olejniczak, the image below is wallpaper size unless you have a monitor the size of an IMAX screen, and you can look out for her mug on the cover of the Collector's edition of the game, full details for which can be had over here.

Mass Effect 3 is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in March next year.