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Halo 4 video: 343 talks pressures of expectation

Plus a second video that shows weapon sound effect recording

343 Industries has released another two videos for Halo 4 following the Halo Fest panel this weekend.


The first is a developer diary in which the game's executive producer, who's actually called Kiki Wolfkill, says "one of the most exciting parts of Halo 4 is really this team that we've brought together".

Confident of Halo 4's future despite the departure of series creators Bungie, Wolfkill adds: "It's a team that brings a lot of talent and a lot of past accomplishments and I think we all came together and we were so excited about things that we set out do, it's been a challenge to not be able to talk about it."

The other is a quick snippet of footage of the dev team taking to the great outdoors to record explosions - presumably for weapon fire.

These join the Halo 4 video we posted yesterday which offered a look at some of the concept art and a preview of the soundtrack tone 343 has cooked up for the game so far.

343 also revealed last weekend that Halo 4 is the first episode of the 'Reclaimer Trilogy'.

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