Star Fox 64 3D trailer shows new weapons

New power-ups set for the multiplayer mode

Star Fox 64 3D's multiplayer mode looks to be where much of the new content will be for fans of the N64 original. It's got new levels and power-up, some of which you can see in the trailer below.


New items including homing missiles, force fields and cloaking devices have been built into the game's local wireless multiplayer skirmishes, along with the questionable function of being able to see the person you're fighting on the screen in a slower frame rate and lower detail than their real-life selves sitting just a few feet from you.

The game does, however, look absolutely fantastic on the 3DS screen, especially with all the new detail that's been pumped into the game's new textures.

Star Fox 64 3DS will hit UK shores on September 9, and US on September 11. We will most certainly be doing a barrel roll all over this.

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