Deus Ex Human Revolution: Your verdict

The opinions that really matter...

You've read our thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and, following the game's release on Friday, we wanted to read yours.


That's why we asked for your verdict on the eagerly awaited, long-overdue addition to the Deus Ex series. Thankfully, you were more than happy to provide it, descending in droves to add to the professional assessment.

Jimmy Luxury had the luxury of cracking open Human Revolution on launch day and somewhat overindulged it seems.

"Started plying it at 9pm last night, the next time I looked at the clock it was 1am," he confessed.

"I am really taking my time with this one, making sure I try as many things as possible, looking for as many things as possible.

"I've only just made it outside Sarif Industries into the streets, so I'm pretty much just past the tutorials. I'm having trouble with the hacking at the moment, but it's just one of those 'lose yourself' games. It feels like way too long since I played one of them, since BC2 is rarely out of my PS3."

griff_dai had even higher praise for Eidos Montreal's effort, making a bold prediction:

"I believe that this game will be held in the same regards as the original in the passage of time and will be in everyone's top 3 games ever

"Eidos Montreal have catapulted themselves as a 'event' developer in the same company as Bungie, Infinity Ward and those other developers that are critically acclaimed!"

Big words indeed. Not everyone felt that Human Revolution was untouchable, but it seems that most of your criticism came laced with applause.

"Not sure if it's a 10/10 game," metallicorphan said, for example, "But I am enjoying it."

"The Character models look a bit stiff and are nothing special but the environments are great and there is a hell of a lot to do as well."

"I am only an hour or two in right now, but glad I bought it," was the conclusion.

munchiemike was a bit more scathing when it came to visuals, pretty much blasting the game:

"I can't understand why people say the graphics are good. IMO they look awful most are low res and are a bit of a insult to the Deus Ex universe that was built before this game.

Hope they bring out a HR patch like Crysis 2. Can't even see where DX11 comes into it everything looks so flat and washed out!"

A bit harsh, some of you might feel, but munchiemike certainly isn't alone, with RumbleThunder adding to the graphics debate:

"Great game so far. Has a serious old school feel to it, and the reviews were right about the whole 'do it your way' thing. The graphics are unquestionably dated though. The artistic direction is good but all facial animation, character models etc. are pretty damn dodgy."

TheCleip agreed, saying "there are definitively some issues, an 8.5 for me," before totally discrediting him or herself by revealing a lack of love for the black and gold colour scheme. We're sorry TheCleip, we're all for tolerating the opinions of others, but don't you dare diss the black and gold.

TheCrimsonFenix got the praise train back on track, offering a counter-argument to the graphical downers. "Quite simply worth the wait and hype," said the long time Deus Ex fan.

"Moaning about the graphics when this is its art style is a bit stupid. Loving every moment of it so far. Probably the only game for me that's lived up to my own hype. Nothing else this gen has done that for me."

We'll round things off with ilovenewtech, who said that Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a "revolting piece of garbage."

Just kidding. Something along the lines of "Awesome" was muttered between beaming smilies.