Sony repeats PSP 'philosophy' for PS Vita

Attitude to two devices is "basically the same", says Ryan

Sony is holding steadfast to the game-centric "philosophy" it attached to PSP when it comes to selling new hardware PS Vita.


The platform holder dedicated a significant chunk of its GamesCom showcase in Germany this month to showing Vita's social networking functions and general connectivity - hinting at a change in strategy compared to its handheld predecessor.

However, speaking in the latest issue of Edge, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan said that video games software was the priority for Vita - just as it had been with PSP.

"To the extent that PSP targeted the core gamer who was after a good gaming experience, the philosophy is basically the same," he said. "But I think the nature of [Vita] allows us to provide a differentiated gaming experience in a manner that the design of PSP simply did not allow."

He added: "The core principle is to provide the best portable gaming experience possible. It's as simple as that."

Ryan commented that PS Vita was seen at Sony as a "true digital device" - unlike PSP or PS2. "Where it ends up is going to be hard to tell at this stage," he admitted, "but it's of considerable interest to us."

PS Vita will be launched in Japan before the end of 2011, but won't hit the US or UK until early next year.

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