Read the Dead Island comic now

Deep Silver releases previously Comic Con-only prequel comic online

If you didn't make it to the San Diego Comic Con last month you didn't get a copy of the Dead Island comic Deep Silver was giving away there. That's okay though - it's online now.


Deep Silver has made the full Dead Island comic available as a digital comic on Marvel's site. It serves as a prequel to the anticipate FPS that "introduces journalist Roger Howard, who has travelled to Banoi to investigate the illegal exploitation of the island's resources."

According to the blurb, Howard's investigations in the Royal Palms Resort hotel leads him to discover "a terrible surprise that no one could ever expect...".

Zombies, maybe? Just a hunch.

Dead Island takes place on a holiday resort that's been overrun with zombies, and sees players using whatever objects they can lay their hands on to survive. Check out our most recent Dead Island preview.

Read the full comic through here.