Bayonetta 2 NOT in a magazine this week

Producer makes another rogue Tweet

If this were the first time that Platinum producer Hideki Kamiya had gotten our hopes up about the imminent reveal of Bayonetta 2 only to slap them back down again, we might be more understanding.


But it's not, is it Hideki?

In November last year Kamiya teased Bayonetta 2 (again) and here we are almost a year later with little more than another producer fanned fire to douse with our tears.

In case you missed it, yesterday, Kamiya took to Twitter once more to respond to fans' prodding over Bayonetta 2. "This a game magazine," was his fairly clear and definitive response.

Today we bring the low blow that has become all too familiar to Bayonetta fans; the tease was in fact a hoax.

Last year Kamiya blamed his poor English for the Tweet that got lost in translation, this time fellow Platinum producer Atsushi Inaba had to wade in to set the record straight.

In a Tweet of his own he said "There is no such announcement!" and warned that Kamiya's Tweets tend to have jokes "that push the limit" according to Andriasang.

Jokes. Is that what you call them, Kamiya?

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]