Deus Ex secret message mystery deepens

Image, website discovered in Square Enix mischief

Deus Ex fans have delved deeper into the mysterious "special message" teased in Human Revolution this weekend, discovering a website and secret image.


Players were alerted to the message via the shooter-RPG's in-game ticker, which this weekend displayed the words: "Human Revolutions -- Special Message Incoming / Be Ready / 2200 GMT 29 Aug."

The message itself later emerged online, appearing to be little more than a load of gibberish:


5 - / ! f / f q / x c / q y / d 3 / ? x / t $ / j #

That is of course until the internet super sleuths managed to get their eyeballs on it, and discovered that the code somehow pointed to the website has GPS coordinates in its header, it later turned out, and if you use Google maps to locate the coordinates, they lead to a place called Ayers Rock, aka 'Uluru', which when used as a password on the site wields the above image.

Phew. We think it goes without saying that this is almost certainly a DLC tease. We'll let you know when more comes of this.

[ SOURCE: Blues News ]