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Transfer deadline day: Dream video game deals

Which developers would we like to see make megabucks moves? Read on...

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Possible downside: The small matter of EA being embroiled in West and Zampella vs. Activision in the US Supreme Court already...


David Jaffe to Infinity Ward

Sometimes you've got to fight fire with fire. Jaffe will always be known as the man who delivered God Of War and Twisted Metal and changed 'core gaming' forever. More recently, he's been making noises about self-financing an indie game (once he's finished resurrecting Sweet Tooth et al on PS3).

But we'd love to see him drafted in as a risky addition to the ageing Modern Warfare series. He can tinker with a mum-bamboozling iPhone distraction in his spare time - but we'd want him saving his finest for CoD.

Jaffe's always been at his best when it comes to balls-out, no-holds-barred and - yes- dumb action sequences. He could just provide the impetus the slothful MW series seems to require so badly.

At the very least, he'd inject a much-needed dose of fire into those wooden Infinity Ward media interview slots...

Possible downside: Activision tells us it wants to move away from combative tit-for-tat arguing with EA. Jaffe's passion might just boil over. But it'd make for brilliant reading...


J Allard, Ed Fries and Robbie Bach to Nintendo

Heresy! Traitors! Burn them!

All words you might have spat at us had we suggested this ten years ago. But a lot of water has passed under the bridge since the men who turned Xbox and Xbox 360 into consumer electronics behemoths first lent their synapses to Microsoft. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is Nintendo's over-complicated and clunky online fumblings.

If Iwata, Miyamoto and co. are to remain a true major player in modern gaming, they are going to have to learn how to get connected - and quick. Who better to teach them than the brains behind Xbox Live?

Possible downside: Just think of the forum comments.


Markus 'Notch' Persson to Bethesda

Okay, so a little legal reconciliation would be in order before these two even got to talking. But what Notch doesn't know about building a networked, communicative community isn't worth knowing.

Currently, the Elder Scrolls series is the preserve of the locked-bedroom-don't-talk-to-me-for-a-year mob, thanks to its incredibly appealing single player charms. But for the franchise not to have made an online move by now is a technological sore point, and an insider concern for Bethesda.

The franchise's potential as single-player-turned-MMO is perhaps only matched by Mass Effect, whilst its Minecraft-esque modding opportunities are bountiful. We'd love to see what Notch's ingenuity could add to one of gaming's prettiest - and most expensive - game worlds; and whether he's the man to unlock its incredible pluralist potential.

Possible downside: Elder Scrolls is all about lifelike lushness. Notch might just want to make it blocky.

Which developer transfers would you like to see, readers? Let us know in the comments below...

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