Jaffe: 'I should have a vagina'... and other stories from a life in games

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David Jaffe gave a heartfelt speech at PAX in Seattle over the weekend all about his career in games - and it's available for you to watch in full below.

Speaking to a full audience, Jaffe discussed defining moments such as the runaway success of God Of War - and the moment he decided not to make emotional war FPS Heartland.

During the talk, he touches on personal matters such as personal integrity, self-financing, the ego of "going to Taco Bell and the guy knowing who you are" - as well as the strength of his protective instinct for his kids. ("I should have had a vagina," he tells the audience.)

The video below (courtesy of Gamespot) is over an hour long, but it's very much worth a watch. Check it out.

[Two notes: If you're offended by foul language... yeah. And the sound quality's not amazing, so turn up the volume.]

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