PlayStation Home update: Sodium 2 'Nemesis' update

Plus Deus Ex: Human Revolution outfit

This week's EU Home update sees the arrival of a big update for sci-fi racer Sodium 2, a Deus Ex: Human Revolution costume and puppies.


"Set within the site of an ethically questionable and borderline illegal mining operation on the exoplanet Iridos, the twists and turns of this track will see you speeding past the abandoned machines and facilities that the long-gone corporations left behind. What's more, you'll also be able to prove your worth on the reverse version of this track."

It adds: "New rocket boosters and hover engine upgrades will give you even more customizability options for your craft, allowing you to make the decisions that could see you sitting pretty at the top of the Sodium2 leaderboards."

The game's also got a new "Holo-rank system" for your bragging tendencies, along with "a range of smaller improvements to Sodium2 based on your feedback such as the ability to quickly select new classes of vehicle in multiplayer, and removing chat bubbles in race."

Those who want to dress up like Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution can do so by chicken-walking themselves over to the Alter Ego store.

Oh, and Loot has puppies. PUPPIES! More info on this and the rest of the Home update is through the source link.

[ SOURCE: EU PS Blog ]