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Quantic Dream's next game: What we want to see

Here's our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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Cage's Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit formula is in itself pretty mould breaking - with its funny controls, more on them later - but even that won't quite cut it this time.

There are a lot of supporters of Cage's vision within the games industry but plenty of people will be pushing against it as well. They'll be waiting for the lofty ambitions to fall short.

We want to see David Cage and Quantic Dream dodge the doubters. To do that they're going to have to do something big.


We probably shouldn't refer to Team Bondi's MotionScan technology directly when referring to David Cage's next project. He's probably sick of people giving LA Noire side-glances in front of him, like it's an emotional elephant in the room that trumped Heavy Rain in terms of nuanced expression.


The outspoken studio head doesn't seem all the impressed by the Team Bondi technique anyway, calling it an interesting dead end.

But the ability of the technology used in LA Noire when it comes to portraying emotion can't be denied and, if Quantic Dream's focus is on exposing the soul, it needs something similar.

Hopefully, David Cage and his team have one better up their sleeve. Cage has spoken of a new technology that allows performance capture of both the face and body at the same time. Cage implies it's another step along the road towards photorealistic graphics, which he's tipped for arrival in six years.

We're excited, but the technology will have to have the same wow factor as LA Noire's MotionScan otherwise we can see subtle advances being overlooked and copycat claims prevailing.

Delivering on this innovative motion tech would benefit the gamer with breathtaking experiences but it's also crucial for the studio, which has put itself forward as a champion of innovation. Baby steps won't be enough.

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