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InFamous 2: Festival of Blood - Witness the Resurrection trailer

A sneak preview of Sucker Punch's vampire expansion

Sony has launched a new trailer for InFamous 2: Festival of Blood, a standalone expansion for the open-world game which was announced at GamesCom last month.


Arriving in October as a downloadable game on the PSN, Festival of Blood sees super-charged protagonist Cole McGrath take on an invasion of vampires across New Marias.

The trailer, dubbed Witness the Resurrection, offers a sneak peek at one of developer Sucker Punch's trademark cool-looking cutscenes. If you want to read more on how the studio makes them, you can read a detailed summary of its PAX Prime panel, 'A Panel on Panels: Creating the Comic-Inspired Cutscenes of InFamous 2', over at

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For more on Festival of Blood, check out the reveal trailer.