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CVG's Site of The Week: Ready Up

The best bits of gaming goodness from around the web...

Last week we named Online Race Driver as our Site of the Week.


This week we're back in multiplatform territory with Ready Up - a GMA nominee for 2011, we'll have you know.

It's easy to see why as well. Ready Up has a wealth of journalistic talent at its disposal enabling it to represent every type of gamer and provide reams of quality content.

It's all covered from passionate reviews to quirky (and brilliant) songs questioning things like Sonic's need for a horse.

We had a chat with editor Kirsten Kerney to find out more:

What sets Ready Up apart from other sites?

We're pretty unique! Our main focus is on opinion. We have a staff of 30 writers, professional industry folk, budding journalists and gamers from all walks of life who all blog regularly on the site with strong opinions and very individual writing styles.

Our reviews, previews and events coverage also reflect the passion and excitement the community feels for video games, rather than the steely eyed way information is presented by other branches of the games press.

Despite our large numbers we are a tight knit family, a bit like a cult... or the Borg. It's something a bit different. We have a large team of sub editors, professional video editing for our HD events coverage and a technical team that can make sure the site is able to evolve to suit our needs.

With all this in place we can make sure our passion is matched with quality and professionalism, despite not having a big publisher behind us.

What would you say you specialise in?

I think what we really specialise in is diversity. There are so many different types of gamer out there and we want to give them a little corner of the internet to go to where they are all welcome and all represented.

Half of our staff are female, which is quite unusual in itself but beyond that we have had writers that are game designers, professional gamers, otaku snobs all the way through to the most casual of gamers who spend their time tending to Farmville crops.

Acknowledging and stimulating discussion on every form of gaming is what we do best.

What do you have planned for the future?

We're always evolving. The site launched in 2007 and it was quite different then. We've added so many new elements over the years. At our annual team meeting we discussed how we're going to build on our audience and what we'll offer our readers in the coming year.

Our latest development is the introduction of the Character Select Network. We've brought together four high quality gaming websites that each offer different and useful info for the UK gaming community. There's Ready Up of course, GamerDork, Thumb Culture and Console Arcade. We've also merged our respective forums to become one massive cauldron of talking nonsense about games, which is brilliant fun so check it out!

We've just launched our own VYou channel, a social networking site where we answer questions by means of recorded video messages. It's been the most compulsive and all consuming thing for the Ready Up team outside of gaming itself so please do come and visit us at VYou and ask us silly questions.

We've also just been nominated for a Games Media Award for the second year running which has knocked us for six! We'll keep building and adding to the site but we're very careful not to do anything by half measures. When we do introduce new features to Ready Up the rule is that they have to be big and they have to be awesome!