Square responds to Deus Ex 'racist' controversy

Here we go again...

Square Enix has responded today to reported racial controversy surrounding a character in its latest sci-fi stunner, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


Despite gaining widespread praise for its excellence, the game has apparently come under the spotlight today for allegations of inappropriate racial stereotyping in regards to an African-American character in the game - an NPC known as Letitia the Trash Lady.

Lead character Adam Jenson encounters the woman digging through bins in the street before she asks him for money in what's being referred to as 'slave-era dialect' (video below).

Square has issued an official response to GamesRadar in response to questioning over the matter: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a fictional story which reflects the diversity of the world's future population by featuring characters of various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds," said Square.

"While these characters are meant to portray people living in the year 2027, it has never been our intention to represent any particular ethnic group in a negative light."

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[ SOURCE: GamesRadar ]