Bodycount review round-up in full

More middling scores for Codemasters...

We've already had some Bodycount review scores crawl out of the woodwork and, to be honest, they haven't been all that hot.


The middling trend looks set to continue as Codemasters' FPS hits shelves today, but let's start things off on a happy note.

MeGamers gives Bodycount an unusually high 8/10, praising it for its simplicity and mindless but fun shooting. "You just pick up a gun, start your mission, and shoot anything that comes in your way," the site explains.

"If you want to break way from the regular FPS drones and try something old-fashioned yet refreshing, then give Bodycount a go."

From there, though, scores start to fall away for Codemasters. IncGamers awards the FPS a 7/10 calling it "quirky and fun" but notes that it "ends up trying too hard to be smart and misses the target with many of its peripheral ideas." went even lower with 60 percent along with IGN, which closed with "Despite the thrill of wrecking havoc on an unjust world, Bodycount lacks the polish and overall entertainment value of its peers."

Game Informer, Videogamer and Eurogamer's European sites weren't far behind, all giving Bodycount 60 percent.

1UP was the most scathing when it came to reviewing Bodycount. The site gave 33 percent summarising, "Bodycount feels like something a developer would hand to a publisher as a proof-of- concept, not an actual game that should be on store shelves. Its brief moments of fun are overshadowed by poor controls, laughable story, and limited environments."