Revealed! The PS3 games you should buy next - hear the PSM3 podcast NOW!

Driver SF, Dead Island, Resistance 3, FIFA 12... hear PSM3's unflinching verdicts on every big new game this September

The summer drought is over. Metaphorically, of course. Since while it's rained almost every day during the interminably chilly glumfest that passes for the British summertime, there's very definitely been a 'drought' of PS3 games worth buying - Deus Ex being the recent, spectacular, exception. The good news is that from today - and every subsequent Friday in September - there's lots of great new PS3 games vying for your attention (plus a few high profile clangers) and we dissect them all on the new PSM3 podcast, including Driver San Francisco, Bodycount, Dead Island, Resistance 3, ICO/SOTC HD and FIFA12. Click now to stop yourself wasting valuable coins on inexcusable duffers...

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