The Top 10 video games of all time

Review scores don't lie...

We've done a lot of lists over the past year or so. Sometimes you just need to sit down on a Friday evening and get everything organised. Re-establish the lay of the land, you know.

We've already brought you what we consider to be the best titles on the separate platforms, the best of every genre and even the best doing certain things... like looking pretty or being big.

To try and nail down the best games in the world ever, though, seems like a big task - one that would probably cause more harm than good.

But science makes everything safe and fair. So we've checked in at GameRankings.com to find out what the highest rated games are of all time.

Just a quiet note first, though. We have had to use our own judgement a little bit when it comes to titles with a few reviews under their belt, compared to a game that only just falls short but with consistently high scores from loads of critics.

Tekken 3 comes in at number 8 with 96.30% on GameRankings, for example. Soul Calibur hits number 5 with 96.94%. They're both top games and arguably two of the best in their genre, but those scores are based on 22 and 24 reviews respectively.

Halo: Combat Evolved and Half-Life 2 fall just outside of the GameRankings Top 10 with 95.58% and 95.31% respectively - but both have well over 70 reviews to their name.

Would Tekken 3 and Soul Calibur be brought down in score if they had three times the reviews? Who's to say. We chose games with a 25 review minimum though, judging by how they stacked up and having to make the cut-off somewhere.

So okay, maybe there's a sprinkling of intervention here and there, but you can see our reasoning. By all means, feel free to slot Tekken and Soul Calibur back in if you feel the need to - It's all incredibly close anyway.

There are still some notable absentees though. Portal 2? Grand Theft Auto 3? Metal Gear Solid 2? Twilight Princess? Gears? Nope. All honourable mentions, but none did quite as well as the below.

Let us know what you think in the comments - as if we need to ask...



95.31% from 85 reviews

We know, we're as surprised as you to see Half-Life 2 this far down the list. Although, the number ten spot isn't bad when you consider how many games there have been in the history of the world.

And the games that beat Valve's most applauded title in the standings aren't exactly slouches.

But what can we say about Half-Life 2? Well, the fact that most people would consider this the number one game ever to grace our screens says a lot and it'd be for a number of reasons.

Stunning graphics well ahead of their time and a brilliant physics engine made it stand out technically, but it was sophisticated characters and narrative that stole gamers' hearts.

Gordon Freeman, although a man of almost no words, has become a gaming icon and fans fondly remember some of the very genuine relationships they formed with the surrounding Half-Life cast..


95.58% with 76 reviews

It doesn't take a genius to work out why this one makes the list although, like Half-Life 2 we would have expected to see it higher up.

Halo: Combat Evolved marks the beginning of one of the most dominant FPS franchises in the world and Microsoft's greatest exclusive IP.

Back in the good old days of 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved was a flagship title for Microsoft and is considered a massive contributor to the success of both Xbox and Xbox Live.

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