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Activision funds live-action Modern Warfare sequel

Fan-made follow-up to Find Makarov is online

The official Call of Duty Youtube channel is hosting a Modern Warfare 3 video with a twist - It's actually a spin-off sequel to the live-action COD film, 'Find Makarov' that took the internet by storm earlier this year.


Activision announced at the Call of Duty XP event in Los Angeles last week that it's fully funded the sequel to the original fan flick, which first appeared via a teaser site back in February and whipped up a Modern Warfare 3 reveal frenzy.

At the time Activision distanced itself from the fan-film but is clearly fully embracing the sequel.

You can see why, it's a pretty professional production:

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As far as Modern Warfare 3 the game is concerned, we've had a barrel full of media in the past week.