Call of Duty Elite priced

Activision reveals cost and content delivery plans for new subscription service

An annual membership to the premium Call of Duty Elite service will cost £34.99/$49.99.


Activision made the announcement at this year's Call of Duty XP event, where it showed off Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer component in action for the first time.

Elite subscribers will get access to all Modern Warfare 3 DLC released in the year following its November 8 release. There will be 20 pieces in total, split up not as quarterly map packs but as monthly content instead. These will include new multiplayer maps - also playable in Spec Ops - and new game modes. "You get the content first, and you get it more often," said Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg.

Paid members will also be able to compete for real-world prizes (including Jeeps) in tournaments with live referees, and receive access to professionally crafted strategy and analysis videos.

Elite TV will offer premium episodic content created by Hollywood talent, including a Will Arnett and Jason Bateman series called Noob Tube featuring plenty of smack talk and community-nominated gameplay footage, while executive producers Ridley and Tony Scott are creating Friday Night Fights, a live-action series that will pit real life rivals together in multiplayer to battle it out COD style.

Gamers who pick up the Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 3 (currently available for £79.99 at Gamestation/ $100 in the US) will receive a year's subscription to Call of Duty Elite.

The free tier of Call of Duty Elite will offer users access to stats, online class customisation options, community features, HD video sharing, and dedicated apps for Xbox 360, PS3, iPhone, iPad and Android.

"When we announced Elite we wanted to do three things," said Hirshberg. "We didn't want to take anything away from our fans. We wanted to make the experience better for every COD player out of the box. And we wanted to create a premium membership for our fans who want to go further."

[ SOURCE: Call of Duty Community ]