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Dead Island

Trouble in paradise

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It's a theme that seems to run throughout Dead Island. None of the issues that we experienced are out and out game-breaking but sickly coding and repetitive elements do stand firmly in the way of this being a good game.

For many, Dead Island's flaws will overshadow any enjoyment they could possibly find on the flesh-littered beaches. But there is fun to be had.

Much like those low-budget popcorn movies. There are plenty of cheap zombie thrillers out there - with their ham-acting and shoddy set design - each drawing in a niche audience willing to overlook the foibles for some inexpensive thrills. Heck, in some cases the shoddy craftsmanship is part of the appeal.

Dead Island has some good ideas and satisfying gameplay to offer in places, all that's needed is a niche audience willing to dig a little to find it. If anything, this one will find success as a guilty pleasure, but that'll be after it's been utterly pooh-poohed by gaming connoisseurs.

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The verdict

This budget zombie thriller ain't too pretty but could manage to capture a cult following.

  • Plenty of weapon modifications
  • Hacking zombies down to the bone
  • Could appeal to budget zombie fans
  • Rough around the edges
  • Repetitive
  • Mechanically shaky
Xbox 360
Deep Silver
Survival Horror, Action, Adventure