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Gaming's most dangerous megalomaniacs

A round-up of some of gaming's nuttiest bad guys...

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Appeared in: The Street Fighter series
History: Bison uses Street Fighter's World Warrior Championship to scout for talent - naturally he wants to take over the world, so he needs people for his Shadoloo syndicate. In many ways he's not very nice and that's because, like estate agents, he's actually missing the 'good' half of his soul.
Powers: Though his body can die, his unremittingly evil essence can actually live on in other bodies; perhaps those of estate agents. His control of fireball-creating dark psycho energy and the paramilitary Shadoloo organisation means he's quite possibly unbeatable in the long term.
Most villainous deed: You might think it was overthrowing one of those many governments, or killing the loved ones of one of his many opponents. But it was creating SFIV's super-cheap Seth.

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Appeared in: MK vs. DC Universe, DC Universe Online.
History: The corrupt businessman and mad scientist has repeatedly used his technology to further his battle to destroy Superman.
Powers: For a mere human being, Luthor has had one hell of an arsenal over the years. Of particular note is his powered battle armour.
Most villainous deed: Joining forces with Catwoman, Deathstroke and the Joker to create a massively dangerous supergroup.

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Appeared in: The Resident Evil series.
History: The leader of STARS, Wesker betrays Alpha Team - he's lured them there as an experiment. Survives death using a virus.
Powers: The virus, William Birkin's work, heals Wesker's severed head (!), resurrects him and gives him superhuman strength and agility.
Most villainous deed: Entering a spooky, deadly mansion and then, in true horror movie style, ordering everyone to split up. Bastard.

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Appeared in: Around a thousand Mega Man game
History: Used to be a colleague of Mega Man creator Dr. Light, designing helpful robots. But Wily became jealous of Light taking all the glory and reprogrammed the robots to take over the world. Since then, Wily has been defeated more times than Capcom can probably remember.
Powers: A vast army of increasingly stupidlythemed killbots and, presumably, ace fundraising abilities. He's got through loads Most villainous deed: Creating havoc, even after being dead 100 years, with a virushosting robot. Hackers, eh? Dicks. All of them.

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