New Halo toys arrive in time for 10th anniversary

Mega Bloks releasing new Halo toy line to mark 10 years of Master Chief

Halo is ten years old and, to mark the occasion, a new line of Halo action figures and toys will be hitting shelves this month.


Before the end of September toy firm Mega Bloks will be releasing Series 3 Micro Action Figures, along with 'brick-style' vehicles and structures.

Prices will range from pocket change (£1.99 Hero Figure Packs) up to more sizable offerings (£169.99 Halo UNSC Firebase) for the more Halo-obsessed of us.

These arrive just ahead of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, an Xbox 360 update of the original Halo, which goes on sale September 15. Extra goodies are on offer to those who pre-order it, so don't faff.