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Resistance 3 review scores sneak out - Unmissable or underwhelming?

Insomniac's saga finale gets weighed up...

Insomniac's third Resistance games makes its way on to store shelves this week and reviews have started to appear online.


In our Resistance 3 review we awarded the FPS a lovely score of 8.7, stating that the trilogy's conclusion finally meets its promise.

But what does everyone else think?

IGN says "Resistance 3 offers the same polished experience as the last two games in the series, only this time the action is more focused and tightly structured".

According to its review the campaign is "a surprisingly emotional cinematic roller-coaster of a campaign that never lets up," while multiplayer "remains of the same high caliber as before". IGN awarded Insomniac's latest effort a 9/10.

PlayStation Lifestyle boldly says Resistance 3's "single-player (and co-op) make for a game that can proudly stand next to Uncharted 2 as the best the PlayStation 3 has to offer, and urgres people turned off by the first two games to "give it the chance it deserves". It also awarded the game 9/10.

"Resistance 3 provides a cohesive and polished triple-a shooter experience" says G4 in its 5/5 review. "Resistance 3 is finally confident enough to be itself - and in that way it is something brutal, something whimsical, and ultimately, something special."

Joystiq's review also says "Insomniac Games' system-launching franchise has finally found its footing as a defining brand for the platform." The site thinks Resistance 3 "isn't just a great game full of marked, inspired improvements over its predecessor -- it's a declaration of intent to become the new heir apparent to the sci-fi shooter throne." It gave the FPS 4.5/5.

Also rating R3 4.5/5 Just Push Start praises the game's "unique weapons, cool looking enemies and split-screen multiplayer," all of which make Resistance 3 a "fun and innovative experience" that makes the game "stand out in the overcrowded market".

Although "the multiplayer doesn't do too much to stand out" the "variety and pacing" of Resistance 3's campaign "makes it the best in the series so far" says GameTrailers, which stuck an 8.8 on the game.

Going a little lower Eurogamer justifies its 8/10 review score by saying "Insomniac has chosen to look back to how we used to play rather than grapple with how we could play in the future... that cautious approach results in a game that is extremely enjoyable, but never as imaginative as you want it to be."

Finally IncGamers goes with 7/10 and says "a disappointing second act lets the whole game down, taking it from a 'possibly great' to just plain old fashioned 'good'". According to its review the game is "certainly worth playing but, equally, it's certainly not a classic".