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Resistance 3: 'There are no cliff-hangers - this is a satisfying end'

Insomniac on finishing its trilogy, but continuing with PS3

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Do you think the industry should be concerned about the slow uptake of 3DTVs?

CC: It's kind of hard to predict right now. Obviously there's the hardware element to 3D, so that's the biggest hurdle I think for people right now.

JP: Yeah, if you already have a non-3D TV that you've spent a couple of thousand dollars on you're probably not going to go out and buy a 3DTV right away. But like any new technology it'll probably slowly grow - as long as it's supported with good games and movies.

CC: 'This game plays awesome in 3D'. That word of mouth will help grow the userbase and really push it, for sure.

There was a bit of controversy way back when the first Resistance was released over the use of Manchester Cathedral. Will players be blowing up anything similarly outrageous in number three?

JP: No! Unfortunately not. We don't defecate on any national monuments or anything like that. I don't foresee anything like that, but to be honest Insomniac back when Fall of Man was made... I don't think they anticipated that reaction either.

CC: It wasn't planned controversy, it just happened to be that way. The story fit the location.

And finally, how ambitious are your post-release DLC plans for Resistance 3?

JP We've got a team that is working on DLC. We've not announced exactly what it'll be but we will have DLC.

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