Video: What if Deus Ex original was more like Human Revolution?

Try to spot the not-so-hidden agenda here...

Some amusing so-and-so has put together a video mash-up of the original 11-year-old Deus Ex spliced with features from the current UK No. 1 Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


It does a number of things: Firstly it puts the old characters and technical abilities of the ancient PC original in the golden tint world of Human Revolution. Secondly, it makes you realise that maybe we gamers need to wash the rose tint off of our memories every now and then.

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Thirdly it takes an overt pop at today's DLC-heavy gaming culture. How would it have been integrated 11 years ago? Badly it seems. Badly.

Speaking of DLC. Some new Deus Ex: Human Revolution content is already on the way.