3 million Dirt 3 Steam keys leaked online - report

Promotion with graphics card firm AMD takes an unexpected turn

Steam codes for an estimated three million copies of Codemasters' Dirt 3 have reportedly been accessed and distributed online.


Kotaku says they originate from a promotion being run by Codies and graphics card manufacturer AMD, which has been offering card buyers a free digital copy of the excellent racer.

Millions of download codes put aside for the promotion were reportedly accessed and passed around the net. Codemasters told us this afternoon that AMD's redemption site had been compromised, rather than one of the publisher's own sites or servers. AMD is expected to issue a public statement on the matter and we'll update this story when we get it.

As pointed out in the original report, Codies or Valve could simply move to block the codes for the game, presuming they kept a record of them. Steam bans are another possible option.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]