First Resistance 3 DLC announced

Survival add-on pack to feature a new multiplayer Invasion mode

Resistance 3 only launched in the US today and it doesn't hit the UK until Friday, but that hasn't stopped Sony announcing the first DLC pack for the PS3 exclusive shooter.


Downloadable from October 4, the Resistance 3 Survival add-on pack will feature a new multiplayer Invasion mode "which challenges humans and Chimera to capture and hold multiple control points for as long as possible".

Costing $3.99, it'll also include a multiplayer skin pack and a static XMB theme.

We awarded the game an 8.7 score in our Resistance 3 review, stating that the series has finally matched its promise, albeit at the trilogy's conclusion. See what the rest of the web thought in our Resistance 3 review round-up.