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Second 3DS circle pad and Monster Hunter 3DS leaked?

Famitsu set to reveal first-party peripheral and 'Monster Hunter 3G'

Following rumours late last month, it's looking increasingly likely that Nintendo is set to introduce a second circle pad to the 3DS.


But, according to Andriasang sources citing the upcoming issue of Famitsu, the twin-stick capabilities won't be introduced via a new 3DS model.

Instead Nintendo is rumoured to be readying a first-party peripheral that "attaches next to the system's face buttons" in order to provide a second thumb nub.

The second circle pad rumour is reportedly joined in the magazine's pages by a first look at Monster Hunter 3G, also for the 3DS.

According to Andriasang it's tipped for release at the end of the year and would be the first Monster Hunter to appear on a handheld other than the PSP.

Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto hinted that the next iteration of Monster Hunter could be on 3DS way back in January.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]