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MS issuing Xbox Live bans for 'Marketplace theft'

Multiple users permanently suspended from the service

Microsoft is issuing bans permanent Xbox Live bans to customers accused of "Marketplace theft".


While numerous users affected by the ban hammer have protested their innocence, the platform holder insists it has "clear evidence" to back up its allegations.

MS said in a post on the Xbox Support forums: "During the course of a recent investigation, we have discovered users who illegitimately accessed Xbox Live Marketplace downloadable content.

"Our investigation reveals that this access was intentional and not accidental, constituting a blatant violation of the Terms of Use for the service. We will not divulge additional information regarding individual suspensions for these offenses.

"Please know that we are being very careful regarding these suspensions, and have clear evidence regarding each account issued a permanent suspension from the service," it added. "We apologise for any frustration or confusion resulting from our inability to share individual details, and thank you all for your cooperation in this matter."

This could well be related to a glitch in the Xbox Live Rewards programme last month which dished out 1000s of free Microsoft Points to users. At the time, Microsoft sent out mixed messages to those who had received account credit, initially telling them to "enjoy" the points before saying they were being recalled.

[ SOURCE: Xbox ]