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First PES 2012 demo cancelled for Xbox 360

"Due to issues on both sides," says Konami

Konami has scrapped plans to launch the first of two PES 2012 demos on Xbox 360.


"Sorry to confirm that due to issues on both sides we can't release the 1st PES2012 demo for 360," PES European team leader Jon Murphy said on Twitter. "We've tried hard but have to give up.

"We - Konami, the PES team and myself - are all really, really sorry," he added. "On a brighter note we'll announce the next demo shortly and release is just around the corner. Hope you still give it a try."

The first PES 2012 demo, which launched on PS3 and PC late last month, was based on a preview build of the game.

A second demo based on the final, retail version of the game will follow in September. Get the full details through here.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]