Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer - Dissected

Picking apart the latest trailer...

It's with overwhelming excitement and apprehension that we write this Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer dissection. Given our admittedly unhealthy love of Counter-Strike and our history of reacting badly to change we're likely to get a bit...colourful with our language.


The mere knowledge that someone, somewhere is doing something with Counter-Strike makes us more anxious than a graduate attending a naked job interview in the town square with the parents watching.

Each new bit of information has the potential to reduce us to Valve-hating, lunatic Counter-Strike purists. Delving deep into the recently released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive trailer is a bit of a risk, then, but we're willing to do it, for you - and science (enjoy that completely out of place Portal reference).

We've poured over every frame, scoured the net reading all things CS: GO and gathered up every intricate detail. We'll be casually dropping these in throughout so CS vets should take the time out from staring at the pretty pictures and look at the words.

First up is the general stuff. Development duties on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is being given to Hidden Path Entertainment (with help from Valve of course). The studio has been working for a number of years on Counter-Strike: Source so CS: GO is in safe-ish hands depending on your opinion of Source. It will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

From what Valve has said so far and shown in trailers such as this one, Global Offensive isn't Counter-Strike 2, so don't expect a CS 1.6 to CS: Source-like step forward. Instead the game is a reworking of existing Counter-Strike content and uses previous games as its foundations.


The first thing the trailer proudly touts is 'all new visuals'. Seeing maps that we've spent countless hours playing through with new trimmings and a shiny new look might be skewing our opinions a little but there's no denying that it does look very pretty. As it should since it's built on the same version of the engine that was used for Portal 2.

The screens here are a snapshot of Aztec, which is looking as decrepitly lush as ever. In the next shot of Dust the camera focuses in on a helicopter as it briefly shutters the sun's rays.

If like us you completely ignored the dazzling lighting effects and thought 'Oh no, there's going to be Call of Duty style airstrikes and chopper gunners', calm yourself, the pros that have had hands-on time with it haven't mentioned it yet so it's safe to assume it's just window dressing...for now.


The trailer also promises more maps, which we're betting means additional classic maps as well as completely new maps that'll be created for the game.

According to reports Global Offensive will launch with Dust, Dust 2, Nuke, Inferno and Italy. The trailer briefly shows off the C-Ts running through the outside area of Office, but it isn't clear whether it will be playable at launch.

Here's a few nuggets of info on Dust: The underpass area which was usually where many players would catch a snipers bullet in their head is now much wider and has a couple of pillars and some objects scattered around to provide cover. There's also a new staircase that leads up to the balcony area opposite the popular sniper spot.

A walkway between side-area of the two points over the slope now gives players a rush option but obviously you'll be open to fire when you use it. The terrorist spawn point has been moved a little bit closer to the action to even it out for both teams, Ts will now spawn on the ramp area instead of before it.

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