Monster Hunter 3DS gameplay details

Director Kaname Fujioka talks controls, 3D and new features

All eyes were on the new 3DS circle pad attachment this morning, but the Famitsu revelation was actually all about the game it's being made for; Monster Hunter 3G.


It's an enhanced 3DS remake of last year's Wii game, Monster Hunter Tri, and the game's director Kaname Fujioka spilled a bunch of details to Famitsu about it.

Fujioka spoke of the remake's new emphasis on 3D visuals: "The entire game has 3D support, but basically it's not a game designed to rely on 3D," he said.

"You can hunt all you want without having to concern yourself about 3D, so you've got the option to play the way you like there. However, the new portside area we've made for the game was created with an eye for 3D visuals -- giving it more depth, placing objects on top of each other, and other concepts to make the 3D more prevalent. It's been a fun development cycle, but working with 3D has also given us a surprising amount of stress, so hopefully people turn on the 3D the first time they play."

He went on to detail a customisable control system that uses the lower touch screen. "The bottom screen will have a panel with assorted useful functions for hunting; you'll be able to tap on things to use it," Fujioka explained. "There are several types of panel, too, so you can choose which one you'd like to display and play like that," he added, such as a 'target camera panel' that focuses your view on the monster of your current quest whenever activated.

Speaking of controls, Fujioka described the circle pad attachment as a "secret weapon", which isn't how you lot described it in your comments about it today.

"It feels really good holding it in your hand and its center of gravity is toward the front, so controlling it is a breeze," he explained, saying the attachment was made to allow the game to be played like the Wii version.

He also confirmed there will be 12 types of weapons, ""filling out the set of genres we've introduced up to this point". He went on: "All of the weapons will be operable in the underwater areas, too. The bowgun in Tri had a lot of customization skills, but that weapon's going to be streamlined a bit and divided into 'light' and 'heavy' categories. The bowgun has a lot of new features nonetheless, though, so I'm hoping bowgun users run it up to the G level and get to check all of it out."

Translations via 1Up, where you'll find more info on the game's marquee monster, the Brute Wyvern-type Blakydios. If that means anything to you hit the source link below.

[ SOURCE: 1Up ]