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Wii U in 'development hell', claims tipster

Reliable "Insider" reports myriad of problems with new console

Nintendo is facing "development hell" with the Wii U, according to an alleged insider, and Wii U controllers supplied to developers "still don't work properly."


The tipster - talking to previously reliable Nintendo leak site - has listed a number of hiccups and hurdles supposedly causing problems for Nintendo's on-going development of Wii U, including claims the final hardware has been "rushed through the door".

"According to our source, it seems that the final architecture has been rushed through the door, with undesirable consequences," the 01 report reads.

Those consequences allegedly include "inadequate" streaming and wireless functionality integral to the Wii U's innovative design, the source continues, and speculation that the console's main chip set "may be a tad too cheap."

"So far, the wireless functions simply do not work at all," it continues, claiming that as a result, developers are working with a tethered controller which apparently "still does not work properly".

"Many developers are feeling lost, their progress impeded by a distinct lack of visibility, their working hours by the quasi-paced daily software updates," it's said. concludes that developers are quietly expecting a June 2012 release but that Nintendo engineers are struggling to make the architecture work in time.

Of course, this is all just rumour for now but it comes from the same source that for one tipped a second 3DS circle pad, something that has since been confirmed.

Should we be worried, readers?