Consoles to dump discs for cloud gaming, says THQ boss

New online models will allow publishers to be more reactive to players' desires

THQ CEO Brian Farrell used a keynote presentation at Cloud Gaming USA to explain how new online business models will benefit game makers and consumers alike.


"The box, ship and done model is transitioning to observe, measure, and modify," he said, according to This is "a games as a service model where direct consumer feedback allows the ability to operate in this always on, always connected environment."

Farrell expects future consoles to drop support for physical discs, resulting in lower hardware manufacturing costs, lower console prices driving mass market adoption, and no physical goods cost for game makers.

He said cloud gaming will help enable game makers to deliver tailored content to users. "We have the opportunity to interact with players in new ways that can be reactive to their desires, play habits, and buying habits.

"We intend to create an online digital ecosystem with the consumer that keeps them interested for almost a year, perhaps even longer. And we expect most of our large console games going forward will extend the base experience with DLC packs. Things like online in-game storage, and consumables and other online items that will go on for at least a year post-release."

Saints Row: The Third will have more than 40 weeks of DLC, Farrell announced, "which will grow and change the experience as the consumer engages with the game".