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3DS holds top spot in Japan

PSP RPG Grand Knights History takes No.1 on the software chart

3DS was the bestselling system in Japan during the week ended September 4, while VanillaWare's Grand Knights History debuted at the top of the software chart.


It's the fourth straight week Nintendo's handheld has taken the top spot since its August 11 price cut, although sales dropped about ten percent to 54,744 units, according to Media Create's latest figures (via Andriasang).

PS3 came in second place with 33,831 sales and PSP third with 30,192.

PSP action RPG Grand Knights History took the No.1 spot on the software chart ahead of former bestsellers Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD and Everyone's Rhythm Heaven.

There were two other new entries in the top ten - Devil Survivor Over Clock for 3DS at No.5 and Corpse Party Book Of Shadows for PSP at No.7.

Weekly hardware sales (previous week)
3DS: 54,744 (60,781)
PS3: 33,831 (33,141)
PSP: 30,192 (31,310)
Wii: 11,606 (11,342)
DSi LL: 3,177 (3,235)
DSi: 2,453 (2,384)
PS2: 1,394 (1,580)
X360: 1,228 (1,393)
DS Lite: 80 (110)
PSP go: 7 (20)

Weekly software sales (lifetime)
01. Grand Knights History (PSP, Marvelous): 64,630 (New)
02. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (PS3, Capcom): 52,792 (340,621)
03. Everyone's Rhythm Heaven (Wii, Nintendo): 22,762 (422,314)
04. Samurai Warriors 3 Empires (PS3, Tecmo Koei): 21,604 (91,858)
05. Devil Survivor Over Clock (3DS, Atlus): 20,809 (New)
06. Atsumete! Kirby (DS, Nintendo): 15,804 (197,028)
07. Corpse Party Book of Shadows (PSP, 5pb): 15,249 (New)
08. Mobile Suit Gundam New Gihren's Ambition (PSP, Namco Bandai): 14,656 (90,267)
09. Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village G (PSP, Capcom): 12,924 (175,340)
10. Dynasty Warriors 7 Special (PSP, Tecmo Koei): 12,209 (37,516)

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]