Dead Island 'Bloodbath Arena' DLC out this month

Endless zombies, new weapons and new areas on the way

Deep Silver has confirmed that the first download pack for Dead Island will be released in late September.

The DLC, titled 'Bloodbath Arena', lets players fight endless waves of zombies in four deadly new areas. It also contains a new gun, the 'Brain Wave Bomb', which sounds delicious.

Actions performed in this mode will give you XP that can be carried over to your main campaign, which makes it the perfect place to grind up your stats should you need some extra help.

If you got the Special Edition version of the game you'll get the DLC free. No price has been given for everyone else.


Developer Techland has apologised to fans today, once again, after a gamer dug around in Dead Island's hidden data and found a line of code that names a 'feminist wh*re' skill for the female character Purna.

This is the second time in one week the folks behind Dead Island have found themselves apologising on behalf of the zombie shooter, after early purchasers through Steam discovered they were accidentally served a disastrously buggy development version of the game.

Maybe this will become a weekly thing like the PS Store updates.

'This week's Dead Island apologies: Animal cruelty and hooker murder'.

[ SOURCE: Voodoo Extreme ]