Crysis on PS3 and 360 confirmed, announced with trailer

PC powerhouse comes to console next month

EA has put out a Crysis trailer announcing that the PC powerhouse of 2007 is coming to PS3 and 360 next month.


The possibility of such an announcement has been sitting at the back of gamers' minds since July, when the South Korea Game Rating Board approved Crysis for release on Microsoft's console.

The US ratings board put its own report on the Crysis remake soon after, suggesting that it was also coming to PS3.

It's all official now and the trailer that makes it so is made up entirely of Xbox 360 footage, although it does end specifically mentioning "consoles", not a particular platform.

It also promises brand new features for consoles including all new lighting, new effects and new Nanosuit controls.

Crysis was well ahead of its time when it arrived on PC four years ago and, if the trailer is anything to go by, it'll do more than hold up on today's consoles.

Have a look and see for yourself:

Of course, Crysis 2 saw the Crytek series go multiplatform, which was roundly praised by critics.