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Steam's 'Xbox Support' section discovered, sparks Valve 360 rumours

Is currently PS3-only Steamworks coming to Microsoft's box?

Valve Xbox 360 rumours have burst into roaring digital flames this morning, after Steam users discovered an 'Xbox support' section buried inside the platform's online support forums.


Currently Steamworks - Valve's developer suite with online matchmaking, friends list and cross-platform play support - is only available on PlayStation 3, but the Half-Life house hasn't been shy in stating it'd love to make the move to Xbox.

Valve's Erik Johnson told CVG last year: "We think customers would like [Steam on Xbox 360]. We think, anyway. We'd love to try that."

It's been made clear in the past however, that Valve believes the decision is "not up to us". The studio would like Microsoft to relax its closed regulations on Xbox Live, which don't allow outsiders to put their own content onto the service (so mods, quick patches etc).

Our heads tell us the listing on Steam Support is quite likely an innocent mistake - or in reference to Valve's non-Steam Xbox titles - but it wouldn't be the first time something like this has leaked online.

Isn't there a large Japan-angled trade show happening next week too? In a territory in which Microsoft could do with a big announcement to boost sales? Hmmm...

[ SOURCE: SixthAxis ]