Resistance 3 review round-up in full

All the verdicts on Insomniac's trilogy-closing FPS

Resistance 3 hit UK stores today, but before you rush out to pick it up you'd be well advised to cast your eyes over our exhaustive review round-up to see what critics think of Insomniac's trilogy finale.


In our own Resistance 3 review we awarded the FPS a lovely score of 8.7, stating that the series finally matches up to its promise, albeit at its conclusion.

GamesRadar thinks "Resistance 3 fixes the stumbles of its predecessor, reinvigorates the excitement factor, and has exemplary pacing in its single-player (and co-op) campaign". It went with 9/10.

GamePro's 4.5/5 review says: "Resistance 3 manages to nail the solo adventure and still deliver excellent multiplayer combat." It goes on to describe the campaign as "intensely thrilling", but also says a "thin narrative and character interactions keep [the] campaign from realizing full potential".

IGN's 9/10 review says "Resistance 3 offers the same polished experience as the last two games in the series, only this time the action is more focused and tightly structured".

PlayStation Lifestyle boldly says Resistance 3's single-player (and co-op) make for a game that can proudly stand next to Uncharted 2 as the best PS3 has to offer, and urges people turned off by the first two games to "give it the chance it deserves". It also awarded the game 9/10.

"Resistance 3 provides a cohesive and polished triple-a shooter experience," says G4 in its 5/5 review. "Resistance 3 is finally confident enough to be itself - and in that way it is something brutal, something whimsical, and ultimately, something special."

The sci-fi shooter gets a thumbs up from VideoGamer in the form of a 9/10. The reviewer says "Resistance 3 is comfortably PlayStation 3's best exclusive FPS" and "Insomniac has produced one of the biggest surprises of the year. Played alone or with a friend the campaign here is of the highest order."

Joystiq's review also says "Insomniac Games' system-launching franchise has finally found its footing as a defining brand for the platform." The site thinks Resistance 3 "isn't just a great game full of marked, inspired improvements over its predecessor -- it's a declaration of intent to become the new heir apparent to the sci-fi shooter throne." It gave the FPS 4.5/5.

Also rating R3 4.5/5, Just Push Start praises the game's "unique weapons, cool looking enemies and split-screen multiplayer", all of which help Resistance 3 "stand out in the overcrowded market".

Although "the multiplayer doesn't do too much to stand out", the "variety and pacing" of Resistance 3's campaign "makes it the best in the series so far", says GameTrailers, which stuck an 8.8 score on the game.

TheSixthAxis says in its 8/10 verdict: "Even though it's a much more singular, human tale, it feels enough like the first Resistance that hopefully fans that didn't like the second outing will give Insomniac another chance."

Going a little lower, Eurogamer justifies its 8/10 review score by saying "Insomniac has chosen to look back to how we used to play rather than grapple with how we could play in the future... that cautious approach results in a game that is extremely enjoyable, but never as imaginative as you want it to be."

GameSpot goes with the same score, saying "the successful multiplayer paired with the atmospheric and challenging campaign make Resistance 3 a great shooter". Although "both may have their limitations", overall the action is described as "undeniably exciting".

1UP graded the shooter a B+. Its review says the third entry is a "a clear improvement for the franchise", "one of the most well-made shooters on the market" and "worth your time to play if you like FPS games".

"Resistance 3 is fast, furious and entertaining throughout", says The Guardian in its 4/5 review. However, it goes on to say it "lacks the uniqueness that would boost it to the very top of the FPS ladder" and advises potential purchasers to "treat it like a tasty snack before Rage and Gears of War 3 show up in a few weeks".

GiantBomb also gives Resistance 3 a 4/5 score, saying "Insomniac does a terrific job of making you forget about Resistance 2 with a sad, beautiful journey through the apocalypse."

Edge says "Resistance 3's strict linearity and hand-holding add up to an experience that feels like a dash through a film set", but qualifies this statement by saying "the movie in question has enough charisma to make it worth seeing, with a new creature around every corner and a new weapon with which to dispatch it around the next".

Finally, IncGamers goes with 7/10, saying "a disappointing second act lets the whole game down, taking it from a 'possibly great' to just plain old fashioned 'good'". According to its review the game is "certainly worth playing but, equally, it's certainly not a classic".

Any of you guys or gals picking this up?