'Does Call of Duty have the best campaigns ever?'

Mailbox: Control yourselves people...

On the last mailbox Rob Blowes gots in touch with PSM3 to get the issue of online pass systems off his chest. He thought publishers have got it all wrong.

This week Luke Kennedy from Ireland got in contact with Xbox World to say he feels that the Call of Duty series has some of the best campaigns in the business.

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Is it me, or does Call of Duty have the best campaigns ever? When I get a game, I want to be genuinely affected. I want the best graphics and sound, and I want breathtaking scenes such as the parachute dive or the hallucinogenic attempt at killing JFK in Black Ops.

These are scenes that will go down in gaming history. The scenes that make you feel a bit like, "Yeah, I was there." That's why I believe COD does campaigns better than anyone else.

I can't stand games that give you lots of objectives, often in small, illegible writing without any cut-scenes, or scene-setting. Red Faction Guerrilla did exactly that.

XBW says: Any game is easy to hate when it's as brain-meltingly successful as CoD but, if you look at the series objectively, it's strong as an ox. Both Modern Warfare campaigns are outstanding, the first MW's multiplayer is one of the best online games of the generation, and even Black Ops had its moments (although not all of them good). Of course, not everyone is in agreement...

CVG says: Call of Duty gets a lot of hate these days but one thing is undeniable: they always have a memorable campaign. Gamers can always count on getting a thrill ride during the Call of Duty campaigns. In that respect, you're right, but we don't know if we'd say 'the best ever'.