CVG's Site of The Week: FPSPrestige

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Last week we put Ready Up on our site of the week podium.


This week we're casting our spotlight on FPSPrestige, site dedicated to first-person shooters across all platforms. We had a chat with Dan Thornton to discuss the site, its strengths and plans for the future.

What sets FPSPrestige apart from other sites?

One word - addiction. Kalps and I probably haven't gone longer than 48 hours without playing Call of Duty or Battlefield in the last two or three years - even when we've also been playing other FPS games.

But it isn't just about the big two - one of my favourite gaming memories was taking my 486 PC to a friend's house with my new ethernet card, and four of us sitting round a dining room table covered in PCs to play multiplayer Doom. And when I'd dropped out of gaming for a while, it was playing Halo on Xbox Live that made me go and buy the original Xbox the following week.

A good FPS game has the same adrenalin rush as you might get from a good shoot 'em up, combined with the social side of internet gaming - I've played both Modern Warfares and Black Ops pretty much every night with the same group of guys, and they've all become good friends now - to the point that we have a regular meet-up in the pub.

What would you say you specialise in?

Obviously we try to cover all FPS games, but we do tend to focus on the big console releases as a priority. That's partly because they're so popular, but mainly because they tend to be the most enjoyable experience socially as well as in terms of gameplay.

And it means we can go into a lot of detail for each game - whether that's a review of the latest DLC, or some of my experiments into the quickest way to prestige. Not everyone sits there with a notepad to work out which game type results in the most XP, but we do it so you don't have to.

If you're a hardcore FPS gamer, hopefully you'll be able to pick up some new techniques and tips to improve your kill/death ratio. And if you or one of your friends might be the sort of person who only owns Black Ops and maybe a sports game, then we want to help you not only get the most out of your game, but possibly introduce you to some other FPS games you'll love.

What do you have planned for the future?

We're gearing up for Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, and seeing what Call of Duty Elite actually offers - from the launch of each game, we intend to have the best guides and tips to improve your experience, as well as making sure we level up and prestige as quickly as possible ourselves.

We're also working on a lot more gameplay videos, and hooking up with all the top FPS players to showcase their talents to even more people.